Friday, 13 February 2009

So where do we start?

The P.R unit is the brain child of Student Union Executive Ben Mcdougall (Pictured), "the idea has been in the pipeline for some time and it just needed the right students with the right level of commitment to get the idea off the ground" said Ben. We contacted Ben after a few of us had bad experiences working for P.R consultancies in a bid to nail down the ten pieces of work we need for our first year portfolios. Unfortunately photocopying and making tea do not count towards our course and didn't even count towards our bank balance either. In stepped Mr Mcdougall with the opportunity to spend our Fridays in the Students Union offices attempting to gain coverage for the wide variety of activity going on within the S.U. He could not help our bank balances but the opportunities to fill our portfolios were endless.

After a few meetings our mission statement was written and the foundations were set. It is still very early days but we hope that with some hard graft and innovative thinking we can create something that will be in place long after we receive our caps and gowns.

At present there are four of us, but we hope to grow and to offer fellow students the opportunity to gain credible work for their course. If you think that you would like to get involved then just leave your details on the blog or alternatively email myself

Our first projects include two student led events, a fashion show and a pamper evening. We are also writing an article about former Leeds Met student Paul Harrison (Pictured) who recently got accepted to play for the Glenn Hoddle Football Academy in Spain.

As well as these we are looking for opportunities to raise the reputation of students within the local community, this involves working with CALM and local community organizations.

So after our first meeting we are all very satisfied that we have a mountain of opportunities to work on, we have delegated who will be working on what and plan to hold a mid week meeting on the 15th to discuss our progress.

Until next time.

The P.R Unit

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