Monday, 23 February 2009

Another member of the team. Introducing Erin.

Name: Erin Mills
Hometown: Harpenden
Course: Public Relations and Marketing

Question One: Who is your role model?

If I had to chose a role model it would probably be Agyness Deyn, formally known as Laura Hollins. Born in Manchester, she started work at 13 in a fish and chip shop. Later on in life she moved to London and work by day in a fast food restaurant and a bar at night. Realising the potential she had to be a model she visited modelling agencies and was signed to Models 1. She is now said the be the fashion industries next worldwide supermodel, and has been the face of campaigns like Burberry, Vivienne Westwood, and Armarni. It is not that I aspire to be a model or even famous, its just the huge success she has achieved from working in a fish and chip shop in a small town in Manchester, to being a huge representation of British youth culture.

Question Two: Why Leeds and Why P.R?

I had not really put much thought into which university or which course I was doing till very last minute. My reason for choosing Leeds was mainly due to the fact I had heard a lot about the city from friends and family, my brother had studied at Leeds, and the well credited music scene. I also think it is far enough away from London to feel detached from it. Everyone ends up in London at one point in their life, and I think that getting away from it to get my degree was the best option for me. The reason I chose P.R was a bit strange and unexpected. Throughout my time at school I had always planned on studying physiotherapy. It was not until I was given the chance to get some work experience in P.R that my mind was completely changed. My sister is a P.R and I was given the opportunity to work with her at this years Global Gathering, a dance festival, and I also worked with the same company in the office and at gigs. I absolutely loved it and decided that it is the career for me.

Question Three: What would be your ideal profession apart from Public Relations be?

It sounds stupid, but if I could be a professional first year student till the end of time I think I would. You get to go out as much as you want, you don’t really have any worries apart from money which everyone seems to work around, and you constantly get to meet new people and you have all the freedom in the world. Although I realise I am not Peter Pan and soon I will have to grow up and fly into the real world, I am intent on enjoying my first year as much as possible.

Question 4: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years time I see myself in my first year of employment and most likely struggling to find a good job. I am doing a sandwich course so the degree will be 4 years in total. I will have lots and lots of debt just like every other student, but I am sure I will be very happy with my 1st that I get from my P.R degree! I can only hope.

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