Friday, 13 February 2009

Let's meet the team

As Cilla Black once said “what’s your name and wheredje come from”.Well Cilla, I’m Adam and I’m from Newmarket. OK so the blind date reference is a bit dated, but I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself and the team, and to give you an incite into what makes us tick.

It should be a lorra lorra fun. Enough with the Cilla quotes!

Name: Adam Burns
Hometown: Newmarket
Course: Public Relations and Marketing

Question One: Who is you role model?

I would probably have to say Karl Pilkington, he's Ricky Gervais's mate, if you haven't heard of
him then I highly recommend looking up his work. He's my idol because he is living proof that you can achieve anything regardless off your downfalls. Karl is uneducated, inarticulate and Ricky has even described him as a "shaven chimp", but he is extraordinarily successful. Obviously being mates with Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant helps but Karl is not simply cashing in on his friends cache. He is a published author, has made is own short films and is part of the most successful podcasts ever. I know if Mr. Dilkington can be successful then so can I.

Question Two: Why Leeds and Why P.R?
I think Leeds is a perfect city to study in, I did apply to places in London but I just think our capital city leaves a lot to be desired, it's dirty and full of miserable drones. Leeds has the right balance between being quiet enough to relax in and lively enough to play in. I chose P.R because I have friends who have either graduated or are in their final year and they all absolutely loved the course. The art of P.R appeals to me, it requires creativity and innovative thinking, something which I believe I have in abundance.

Question Three: What would be your ideal profession apart from Public Relations be?
In a ideal world I would love to be a professional footballer or a comedy actor, or I could combine the two and be Jimmy Bullard. When I was younger I dabbled with both of these dreams, playing football for Ipswich town and taking drama as an A-level. However after being released from Ipswich for being TOO SLOW and TOO SHORT I decided it would be wise to concentrate on my education and if the worst came to the worst I could always follow in my dads tiny footsteps and become a Jockey. I still have a burning desire to do more acting, so maybe myself and the P.R team could do some sketches for the blog.

Question 4: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Well at the rate my hair is receding, I predict I will be either sporting a Jack Charlton comb over or I'll look like Greg Wallace from Master Chef, or I could well be recovering from hair plug surgery. I hope however I am happy, successful and still able to run my fingers through a full head of hair. I would love to be working in sports P.R, maybe for a premiership football team, ideally Newcastle. I know this is unrealistic, not me working for a premiership club but Newcastle still being in the top league. With old sweary Joe Kinnear hospitalized it's not looking good for the Toon Army. Over the last year I have learnt that life can be short, so I hope I live the next 5 years with no regrets.


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