Thursday, 24 September 2009

Opportunity Knocks!

After a hectic morning emailing my tutor and P.R admin, I finally found out what time my tutorial was, 9.30am!!!! I don't use four exclamation marks because I feel this is too early, I do this because I received the information at 9.22am!!!! Luckily I live four minutes walk away from the Rose Bowl and it only takes me four minutes to get my self looking G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S enough to sit in a room full of P.R girls.

My tutor for the year is Lucy Laville which I am very happy about, not only is she the leader of the course and very passionate about students achieving great things but she is also a very nice lady. Lucy told us about some very exciting opportunities including an initiative set up by Leeds based P.R company Bell Pottinger to create a "student P.R consultancy". This will involve five students working for REAL clients under the watchful eye of the guys from Bell Pottinger. This opportunity is something that I am very keen to be part of, so will be working my socks off from now on, to ensure I am at least considered. Lucy also told us about a Sports P.R event being held at Headingley Stadium in mid November. The main attraction of the event is undoubtedly the head of communications of the Football Association, who will be speaking. This has been firmly lodged in my diary and I am looking forward to it already.

We had our usual introductory lecture and then it was off to pick up the feedback from last years assignments. For my portfolio I achieved a first which I was pleased about, although Rudiger did comment that my rationales would have to improve if I were to achieve the same grade in level two. Food for thought.

Tomorrow is the Fresher's Fair so I am currently making lovely posters and printing off coverage we gained last year to plaster all over our stall. I have also just read a very interesting interview with Joe Favourito. I love the part where he stresses the importance of "treating people like people" and not hiding behind emails. This month I plan to network a lot more, even if it is just with fellow students and staff members, I am starting to realise reputation is very important in this industry.

Tomorrow I will have some exciting pictures from Fresher's Fair and hopefully the calendar of events that we plan to work on.


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