Thursday, 14 May 2009

"Two! Bookends"

You may be wondering what the title to our latest blog is all about, well if you're a fan of of comedy genius Ricky Gervais you will be aware that when he won his second Golden Globe at last years awards he opened his second acceptance speech with the line "Two! Bookends". So at this years Student Particpation awards it was left to myself to pick up the two awards won by the P.R unit.

The first award we were nominated for was an individual award for myself as I was one of the four in the best writer category for the student paper. To my surprise I was succesful and soon after I was making the walk to stage for the second time, this time the P.R team had one the Outstanding Contribution award for setting up and running a brand new department in the Studnets Union. This time I was intent on recreating the comedy moment that Mr.Gervais treated us to last year. "Two! Bookends" I said, bold as brass and confident as an otter in the rapids, the room fell deadly silent, tumbleweed blew through the room and I sneaked off back to my chair. Note to self, leave the comedy to the professionals.

A very successful night all the same, and with our first big event two days away it has given the team a much needed boost. Bargain Hunt takes place on Saturday, to view our poster campaign please click here.

New projects coming soon

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