Wednesday, 11 March 2009

P.R team gets Superpowers

Good afternoon ladies and gents,

It has been a little while since our last outing in the blogosphere, since then Colin Jackson seems to have got off scot free, our team has two new additions and we have two new clients.

One of our most promising new clients is Superpowerless, a chiptune electro band who recently won a national competition. I have included the press release below and a picture of my alter ego "Slightly Receding Man"

We are also working with Ben Mcdougal to arrange an event which will keep the streets of student areas clean of the usual mess left after the "moving house weekend", this is still in the pipeline and not for a few months but I will keep you updated.

The two new additions to our team come in the form of Charlotte Richardson and Will Jones, they are both first year P.R students and have both promised me a profile to add to the blog, but being first years, of course I'm still waiting. Slackers!!!

Tomorrow we are meeting with S.U president Lewis Coakley for the first of a series of interviews with the Student Union execs, they will be hosted by myself, Adam Burns, and I am thinking my interview style will be a mixture between David Frost and Alan Partridge.


Leeds band scoops national award

Leeds based electro artist Superpowerless fought off competition from 200,000 entrants to win the MTV Vodaphone Soundbites competition .

Oliver Hindle’s track “Wasted my time” impressed the judging panel, which comprised of industry experts, and after being short listed to the final ten he was crowned winner in a ceremony held in London.

Oliver has won the chance to work with renowned producer and D.J Andy Chatterley as well as shooting a video with director Luc Janin, who has worked with The Fratellis, Stereophonics and Boy Kill Boy. The single and video will be launched on the 23rd of March and broadcast on MTV.

20 year old Oliver ,who was born and raised in Pontefract and is now in his first year studying Music Technology at Leeds Metroplitan University said:

“After winning the competetion things have gathered pace, and with the single and video released soon it doesn’t seem like slowing down. Although this is all fantastic the live shows are the most important thing to me and the ones we have had so far in Leeds have been amazing”

Superpowerless are the most exciting new breed of “Chiptune” or “Chipmusic” artists that are emerging around the country. Chiptune is software used to programme Gameboys so that they can be used to create music. With the very unique sound and exhilirating live shows.
Superpowerless are causing quite a stir in the Leeds music scene after selling out their first two gigs.

Bradford Based music Magazine described their latest gig as

“Electro dance music at its best, not only is it a sight for the eyes, the music they create is top class”

Along with the single and video launch Vodaphone have also commissioned a Viral Marketing campaign to be run by which will coincide with the launch on the 23rd. of March. With many musical success stories being written in Yorkshire over the past years, The Cribs, The Arctic Monkeys and Kaiser Chiefs to name a few, Superpowerless are well on the road to writing another chapter in the musical heritage of Yorkshire.

The next Superpowerless gig is at Subculture on March 19th at 8.00pm.

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