Friday, 6 November 2009

A SPOOKILY good week for the team!

Well would you Adam and Eve it, we only went and won the Ptarmigan Bell Pottinger competitive pitch! We got the news on Friday afternoon that Paws Communications would be the very first "Student PR consultancy" working under the very experienced mentorship of Nathan Lane and Marie O'Connor (Pictured with the Paws team, minus myself).

The opportunity is incredibly unique as it gives students the chance to work with real clients, to be mentored by PR professionals and to get paid an hourly rate the equivalent of an account assistant. I had heard a few whispers that Ptarmigan Bell Pottinger offers some of the most valuable work experience from a few friends and Beth Stallman seems to agree.

I celebrated the win by spending Friday night belting out my best Bruce Springsteen impersonation at my friend’s birthday celebrations in OK Karaoke! To say it went down a storm would be the understatement of the year, I strategically made sure I sung last as after four more pints the boys could have been stranded by Jedward and would have still gave them a standing ovation.

I spent Halloween in York at one of the many events hosted by the city. The York tourist board had really embraced Halloween and the feeling in the city was electric. I treated my girlfriend to a very pleasant dining experience at Piccolino Restaurant and Bar, (the football accumulator had earlier come up trumps, I'm not always this flash) it was fit for bursting and many of the diners were in fancy dress, including me.....(See scary man on the left)

After some lovely meatballs washed down with a decadent pinot grigio we left Piccalinos and headed, a little tipsy, for one of the many ghost walks starting at Clifford Tower. As we approached there was a crowd of about 50 people listening intently to a Richard O'Brien (of The Crystal Maze fame) lookalike who was spouting about some ghostly nonsense. He took us on a tour of the city in which we encountered the most haunted pub in York and Starbucks outlet that some years previous was the site of some paranormal activity. The paranormal activity took place when the store was a JJB Sports and apparently shoes would line themselves up in circles at night, very spooky. That’s about as scary as it got, I just enjoyed heckling from the back, "Give us a tune on your harmonica Richard!".

As weekends go it probably the second best I have ever had, the first best was when I went to Silverstone and shook Jackie Stewarts hand. Brilliant." A bit of Partridge for you.So things at the PR unit are coming along nicely, we have will be launching our campaign to raise awareness of the universities counselling service this week and have sourced some great prizes from some very generous company's, so thank you to The Cockpit, Ok Comics and Esporta Gym.

Also something I have been working on is our blogs' search engine optimization (SEO) and I think we're doing ruddy well indeed. A search for "Leeds PR Blog" in Google ranks us at NUMBER 1! Look for yourself....

This week I will also feature a profile on our team, so keep reading!!!

Bye for now.


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  1. Congratulations. This seems consistent with the feedback I gave you yesterday.